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N344 - Breastfeeding

Assessing effectiveness of breastfeeding Wet diapers: 1 per day of life after day 5: 6-8 every 24 hours Breasts feel softer after feedings Baby is content & has audible swallowing Feeds 8-12 times every 24 hours and gains (4-7 oz per week after 2 weeks)
Sore nipple intervention Check: positioning, latch Apply: purified lanolin (Lansinoh or Purelan) after each feeding ROtate the positions of baby (cross-cradle, football, stat on the least - sore side) *If chronic, assess for possible thrush
Engorgement Milk increase 3-5 day after delivery - breast heavy and warm - firm
Interventions for Engorgement - Apply heat for comfort before and ice after - Feed baby frequently
Mastitis - Breast infection - Painful lump redness and breast pain - Fever over 100.4F or fever more than 24 hours - call Dr
Mastitis - interventions - Continue breastfeeding, apply heat and massage - Mom may need antibiotics, but can continue breastfeeding - If too painful to breastfeed, use pump then give to baby
Signs of poor latch - sore nipples - bruising - blisters
What does LATCH acronym mean? L - Latch A - Audbile swallowing T - Type of Nipple C - Comfort (breast/nipple) H - Hold
Infant feeding Cues Flexing arms and legs (eyes may not be open) Licking lips Sticking tongue out Smacking sounds Hand to mouth Generalized body movements **Feed baby before last hunger cue** Crying
Breastfeeding Basics - feed baby early & often - initiate breastfeeding in 1st hour - cluster feeding not unusual - wake baby if it has been 3 hours since last feeding - feeding at night is normal and needed - avoid pacifiers, supplements, and artificial nipples unless n
How to get baby latched 1. Position baby at breast height 2. Roll baby "belly to belly" 3. Line baby up "nose to nipple" 4. Hold baby's head behind the ears 5. Notice straight line from ear to hip
Indications of good latch - Grasps breast - Tongue down - Lips flanged - Rhythmical sucking
Indications of good swallowing - Spontaneous and intermittent (< 24 hour old) - Spontaneous and frequent (>24 hours old)
Created by: jkelleyb