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Cubangbang #121091

Cubangbang's 6th Ch. 8 Electricity & Magnetism Stack #121091

Chapter 8 DefinitionChapter 8 Vocab
Has only one path for electricity to travel series circuit
Has multiple paths for electricity to travel parallel circuit
Any material that has the ability to attract iron Magnet
A continuous unbroken path circuit
a very small circuit with all the parts built into it integrated circuit
A material through which electricity cannot flow insulator
A material that reduces the flow of electricity resistor
A liquid or paste substance that conducts electricity electrolyte
Uses a magnet to convert motion into electrical energy generator
A material that allows electricity to flow through it easily conductor
Occurs when electrons flow through a circuit Current electricity
Is produced when two objects rub together Static electricity
Good insulators Plastic, wood, glass
A conductor that can be moved to close or open the circuit Switch
Magnetic force is strongest at what part The ends or poles of the magnet
The area of magnetic force around the magnet Magnetic field
Televisions use an electric current called what to carry information when broadcasting programs ?
Signal information by opening and closing electrical circuits in sequence Integrated circuits
Brain of the computer that tells the other parts of the computer what to do Central Processing Unit (CPU)
Which unit measures how much current flows through a given part of a circuit in 1 second? ampere
Which unit measures the amount of electrical push, or force in a circuit? Volt
Which unit measures power, or how fast work is done? Watt
A coil of wire with a core attached to an electrical source Electromagnet
The filament on a light bulb Resistor
Who discovered that current traveling through a wire produces a weak magnetic field in the live wire? Hans Christian Oersted
Who discovered that adding a metal core to a coil of wire increased magnetism William Sturgeon
Who discovered that moving a magnet around or through a loop of wire produces electricity in the wire? Joseph Henry & Michael Faraday
Created by: jcubangbang