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AMS SOL 6.6 part 3

Air Mass a large body of air that has properties similar to the area of Earth over which it develops
Front a boundary between two air masses of different density, moisture, or temperature
Cold Front cold air advances toward warm air and pushes it up out of the way
Warm front warm air advances over cold air
Stationary Front occurs when the boundary between air masses stops advancing
occluded front three different air masses come together
thunderstorms cumulonimbus clouds, thunder, lightning, heavy rain, hail
lightning occurs when electricity builds up in clouds
thunder occurs with heated air expands and contracts quickly
tornado a violent whirling wind that moves in a narrow path over land
Fujita scale used to measure the strength of a tornado F0-F5
amount of F4 and F5 tornados less than 1%
hurricane a large swirling low pressure system that forms over the Atlantic Ocean
typhoon hurricane-like storm that forms in the Pacific ocean
cyclone hurricane-like storm that forms in the Indian ocean
Blizzard strong winds, low temperatures, poor visibility, blowing snow for at least 3 hours
Weather watch conditions are favorable for a storm to develop
weather warning severe weather conditions already exist so immediate action should be taken
meteorologist a scientist who studies and predicts weather
forecast a prediction of future weather conditions
station model combination of symbols that show weather conditions at a specific location
isobar a line on a weather map that connects points of equal pressure
isobars that are close together indicates windy condition
isotherms a line on a weather map that connects points of equal temperature
warm front symbol red line with semicircles
cold front symbol blue line with triangles
stationary front symbol alternating red semicircles and blue triangles facing opposite directions
occluded front symbol purple line with semicircles and triangles
center of station model filled means overcast, half full means partly cloudy, clear means clear skies
temperature written in the upper left corner of a station model
dew point written in the lower left corner of a station model
air pressure written in the upper right corner of a station model
flag pole points in the direction the wind is coming from and represents 5mph
long flag indicates 10mph
short flag indicates 5mph
Large H indicates the high pressure center on a weather map, clear weather
Large L indicates the low pressure center on a weather map, bad weather
Tornado Alley central USA
Created by: sford
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