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HN Year 1 A&P

Urinary and Reproductive Systems

What is the functions of the Scrotum To protect the testes and keep them at a lower temperature
What is the function of the cervix Remains closed to prevent infection getting in. Opens to allow sperm in and the baby to be expelled at parturition
Name the parts of a nephron Glomerulus, Bowmans Capsule, Proximal Convoluted Tubule, Loop of Henle, Distal Convoluted Tubule, Collecting Duct
What is the function of the distal convoluted tubule For fine water and salts balancing
What type of epithelium is the bladder composed of, and why Transitional, this allows the bladder to stretch and return to its normal size again
What is the function of the accessory sex glands and what are they To nourish the sperm, to keep the sperm at the correct PH and to add seminiferous fluid to 'flush' the sperm
What is the epidiymus and where is it found Found on the dorsal aspect of the testicle and this is where sperm is stored and matured
What are the 3 layers of the kidney called Cortex, Medulla and the renal Pelvis
What is the function of the fallopian tubes/oviducts This is the site of fertilisation
What is the function of the Bowmans Capsule It is lined with tiny pores which allow the passage of fluid and small molecules but restricts the passage of larger molecules
What is the function of the PCT Approximately 65% of all resorptive processes take place here: Water and Salts, Glucose, Conc of Nitrogenous waste, secretion of toxins and drugs
What is the function of the Loop of Henle Regulate the concentration and volume of urine. Adjusts the Sodium balance
What is the function of the DCT Final reabsortion of Sodium and Potassium and also regulates the acid/base balance (overall PH)
What is the function of the Collecting Duct Final water and volume adjustments to the urine
What are the functions of the testes To produce sperm and the male sex hormone Testosterone
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