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Chinese Odyssey L28

Johns Hopkins University Press

出租车[出租車] chu1zu1che1 • taxi • (Taiwan) rental car
贵[貴] gui4 • expensive • noble • your (name) • precious
公共汽车[公共汽車] gong1gong4 qi4che1 n. (local) bus M: ³liàng [辆]
地铁[地鐵] di4tie3 n. underground (railway); subway
可能[可能] ke3neng2 • might (happen) • possible • probable • possibility • probability • maybe • perhaps M: 个
乘[乘] cheng2 • to ride • to mount • to make use of • to avail oneself of • to take advantage of • to multiply (mathematics) • Buddhist sect or creed
购物中心[購物中心] gou4wu4 zhong1xin1 p.w. shopping center/mall
陪[陪] pei2 • to accompany • to keep sb company • to assist • old variant of 赔péi
路线[路線] lu4xian4 • itinerary • route • political line (e.g. right revisionist road) M:条tiáo
熟悉[熟悉] shu2xi1 • to be familiar with • to know well
辆[輛] liang4 • classifier for vehicles
车站[車站] che1zhan4 p.w. station; depot; stop
东南西北[東南西北] dong1nan2xi1bei3 • east
wang3 • to go (in a direction) • to • towards • (of a train) bound for • past • previous
拐[拐] guai3 • to turn • to kidnap (esp. through trickery) • to shanghai • a cane
路口[路口] lu4kou3 crossing; intersection
失误[失誤] shi1wu4 • lapse • mistake • to make a mistake • fault • service fault (in volleyball
收票员[收票員] shou1piao4yuan2 n. ticket collector M:wèi[位]
终点[終點] zhong1dian3 • the end • end point • finishing line (in a race) • destination • terminus M:个
乘客[乘客] cheng2ke4 • passenger
方向[方向] fang1xiang4 • direction • orientation • path to follow M:个
医院[醫院] yi1yuan4 • hospital M:所
马路[馬路] ma3lu4 street • road M: 条
十字路口[十字路口] shi2zi4lu4kou3 • crossroads • intersection
关[關] gua
坏[壞] huai4 • bad • spoiled • broken • to break down
乐观[樂觀] le4guan1 s.v. optimistic; hopeful; sanguine ∼ yī̠diǎnr! ∼一点儿! Be optimistic!
劳驾[勞駕] lao2jia4 • excuse me
火车[火車] huo3che1 • train M: 列liè;
转弯[轉彎] zhuan3wan1 • to turn • to go around a corner
司机[司機] si1ji1 n. driver; chauffeur M: ²wèi [位]
悲观[悲觀] bei1guan1 • pessimistic
转车[轉車] zhuan3che1 • to transfer • to change trains
拐弯儿[拐彎兒] guai3wan1r5 variant of 拐弯; to go round a curve • to turn a corner • fig. a new direction
电车[電車] dian4che1 • trolleybus M:辆 liàng
出丑[出醜] chu1chou3 • shameful • scandalous • to be humiliated • to make a fool of sb or oneself • to make sb lose face
打的[打的] da3di1 • (slang) to take a taxi • to go by taxi
公交[公交] gong1jiao1 • public transportation • mass transit
Created by: Timmy19
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