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Chinese Odyssey L29

Johns Hopkins University Press

百货大楼[百貨大樓] bai3huo4da4lou2 • department store
一般[一般] yi1ban1 s.v. ① general; ordinary; common ② same as ③ just like ◆ n. sort; kind
收[收] shou1 • to receive • to accept • to collect • to restrain • to stop • in care of (used on address line after name)
顾客[顧客] gu4ke4 • client • customer M: 位 wèi
回答[回答] hui2da2 • to reply • to answer • the answer M: ge [个]
或者[或者] huo4zhe3 • or • possibly • maybe • perhaps
开发票[開發票] kai1 fa1piao4 v.o. ① write an invoice ② write a receipt
收款台[收款臺] shou1kuan3tai2 n. cashier's booth/counter
盖章[蓋章] gai4zhang1 v.o. affix seal; stamp
比[比] bi3 • (particle used for comparison and "-er than") • to compare • to contrast • to gesture (with hands) • ratio
画[畫] hua4 v. ① draw; paint ② draw a line/sign; mark ③ decorate with paintings/pictures ◆ n. stroke in Chinese character M: ge / ³xiàng [个 / 项] ◆ b.f. plan in jìhuà
电梯[電梯] dian4ti1 n. elevator M: ²bù / tái [部 / 台]
楼梯[樓梯] lou2ti1 n. stairs; staircase M: ⁴zuò [座]
骑[騎] qi2 v. ride/sit astride ◆ b.f. cavalry; cavalryman in ¹qíshì
自行车[自行車] zi4xing2che1 n. bicycle; bike M: ³liàng [辆]
更[更] geng4 adv. ① more; still/even more ② further; furthermore
比较[比較] bi3jiao4 • to compare • to contrast • comparatively • relatively • quite • comparison
纱巾[紗巾] sha1jin1 n. gauze kerchief M: tiáo [条]
丝[絲] si1 n. silk ◆ b.f. ① thread; silk/thread-like thing in zhīzhūsī ② tiny bit; trace in sīháo ◆ m. (of weight equal to 0.0005 grams)
有名[有名] you3ming2 s.v. v.o. well-known; famous
质量[質量] zhi4liang4 • quality • mass (in physics) M:个
轻[輕] qing1 • light • easy • gentle • soft • reckless • unimportant • frivolous • small in number • unstressed • neutral • to disparage
其他[其他] qi2ta1 pr. others; the rest
快[快] kuai4 s.v. adv. ① fast; quick ∼ zǒu a
毛[毛] mao2 • hair • feather • down • wool • mildew • mold • coarse or semifinished • young • raw • careless • unthinking • nervous • scared • (of currency) to devalue or depreciate • classifier for Chinese fractional monetary unit ( = 角jiǎo [角]
取[取] qu3 • to take • to get • to choose • to fetch
零钱[零錢] ling2qian2 • change (of money) • small change • pocket money
凭[憑] ping2 • to lean against • to rely on • on the basis of • no matter (how
收据[收據] shou1ju4 • receipt M:张zhāng
退换[退換] tui4huan4
人民币[人民幣] ren2min2bi4 n. RMB (PRC currency)
美元[美元] Mei3yuan2 n. American/U.S. dollar
日元[日元] Ri4yuan2 n. Japanese yen
欧元[歐元] Ou1yuan2 n. Euro (unit of currency)
英镑[英鎊] Ying1bang4 n. <loan> pound sterling
台币[臺幣] Tai2bi4 n. Taiwan currency
兑换率[兌換率] dui4huan4lü4 n. rate of (currency) exchange
白跑一趟[白跑一趟] bai2pao3yi1tang4 • to go on an errand for nothing • to go on a wild-goose chase
揭短[揭短] jie1duan3 rake up sb.'s faults
Created by: Timmy19
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