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Sexually TI's

Sexually Transmitted Infections

Chlamydia Most common and fastest-spreading STI; Infections often silent and highly destructive; Difficult to diagnose
Sexually Transmitted Viral Infections- HPV Most prevalent viral STI seen in ambulatory health care settings; previously called genital or venereal warts; more frequent in pregnant women; over 30 types.
Screening for HPV History of known exposure; physical inspection; pap smear
Management of HPV No therapy has been shown to eradicate; medication for discomforts; counseling and education.
Screening for Chlamydia Screening of asymptomatic, high risk women and pregnant women; Comparisons of diagnostic procedures
Herpes Simplex Virus-Type 1 Transmitted nonsexually; most often seen as an oral fever blister
HPV-Type 2 Transmitted sexually; most often seen as gential lesions
HSV Treatment Chronic & recurrent-no known cure; antiviral management partially controls symptoms-acyclovir, valacyclovir, and famciclovir; l-lysine 750-1000mg po daily (active phase) or 500mg daily (asymptomatic); comfort measures.
HSV-Prevention Sexual abstinence during onset of symptoms until complete healing of lesions; condoms may not always prevent transmission; avoiding articles that come in contact with active lesions; soap and water for hand washing especially when there are active lesions
Patient Education-STI Transmission Oral, vagina, penis, rectum, urethra; use of barrier method (condoms); low risk sexual behavior; avoid exchange of bodily fluids; reducing the number of partners.
HSV-Overview Initial infection is characterized by multiple painful lesions,fever,chills, malaise,severe dysuria; Maternal infection can have adverse effects on both the mother and fetus;Increased miscarriage rates during the first trimeste.
Syphilis-Screening & Diagnosis Pregnant women; Serologic tests; False positives
Syphilis-Management Penicillin G 2.4 million units IM once; Sexual abstinence during treatment
Syphilis-Overview....continued Can lead to serious systemic disease and even death Infection manifests itself in distinct stages; Primary: 5 to 90 days; Secondary: 6 weeks to 6 months
Syphilis (Treponema pallidum)-Overview Motile spirochete;Transm. by entry in subcutaneous tissue through microscopic abrasions that can occur during sexual intercourse;Also transmitted through kissing,biting, or oral-genital sex;transmission may occur at any time during pregnancy
Gonorrhea Risk Factors Age' African-American; Early onset of sexual activity; Multiple partners
Gonorrhea Symptoms Women are often asymptomatic; Menstrual irregularities; Rectal complications
Chlamydia & Gonorrhea Fact Chlamydia and Gonorrhea are usually co-infections and patients are often treated for both, with the presence one**
Gonorrhea – Neisseria gonorrhoeae-Transmittal Genital to genital; Oral to genital; Anal to genital; Vagina to rectum; Mother to newborn
Gonorrhea Treatment Treatment with antibiotic therapy; Cefixime 400mg po once;Ceftriazone 125mg IM once
Chlamydia Treatment Doxycycline 100mg po bid for 7 days; Azithromycin 1 G orally in a single dose
Chlamydia Screening & diagnosis Screening of asymptomatic, high risk women and pregnant women; Comparisons of diagnostic procedures
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