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Global Patterns Sci


List 4 products that we make for crude oil Asphalt, Kerosene, Gasoline. Plastic
Define Energy Ability to do work or cause change
What is Kinetic energy and an example Energy that an object has due to it's motion Ex. swinging a baseball bat
What is Potential energy and give an example Energy that is stored Ex. Bow and arrow
List 6 forms of energy and give an example of each Mechanical: School bus Thermal: Freezing water Chemical: Gasoline Electric: Power lines Electromagnetic: Microwaves Nuclear: Sun
What happens to water that gains energy The water rises, heats up, and evaporates
What happens to water vapor that looses energy The water sinks, cools down, and turns into water again
Describe what happens when cold water is on top of warm water The cold water will rise b/c all heat goes up to cold water while the warm water rises b/c cold is more dense.
What drives deep water currents Differences in density
What drives surface water currents Wind
Define wind The horizontal movement of air from areas of higher pressure areas of lower pressures
What form of energy do we get from the sun Radiation
Why do tradewinds curve to the west instead of moving north or south towards the equator B/c of the coriolis effect
Name the calm areas between the Prevailing Westerlies and trade winds Horse latitude
Name the calm areas between the North Tradewinds and the South Tradewinds Doldrums
Define Tornado A rapidly whirling funnel shape cloud that reaches down from a storm cloud to touch earth's surface
Where is Tornado Ally located Great Plains
Created by: rebecca12001