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Science 20013

What is the definition of a Liquid It takes up space of its container. Its has fairy content volumes. Particles move faster the a solid particles but slower then gas particles
What is the definition of a Solid The shape and volume of a solid never changes. The particles vibrate they do not move far apart. Kentic energy is every low that causes the particles to stay together
What is the definition of a gas Expands to full empty container, both volume and shape can change.The particles vibrate,rotate and move past each other. Its particles move faster then any of the other three states
Why do most thunderstorms occur on humid days The heat of the sun causes the water to change its state into a vapour or a gas causing it to create a thunder cloud
What are three examples of convection in the environment Lake winds land breeze Thunder clouds
Name two things that absorb the suns radiant energy Dark colours Tar (used on roads)
What are two things in your home that give off radiant energy,how can you tell Candles and Light bulls because the produce light and heat
Are these statements true or false, if false why are they and how can you make them true a:Particles of a cold object are not moving b:the particles that make up matter are invisible c:Energy moves from a colder object to a warmer object a: False Particles in a cold object are moving very slowly b:True c:false Energy moves from a warmer object to a colder object
How does geothermal energy help form rocks it melts big rocks and small rocks and collides them together thus creating a new rock with new layers
Name two kinds of rocks formed by conduction of energy Igneous and medophic rocks
Were is the best place to find a igneous rock and why by a volcano because when lavas cools and hardens it creates igneous
Why does a frozen juice box melt in your lunch bag the warm energy (lunch box) energy moves into the juice box (cold energy)
Can we control the rate of thermal energy yes we can by technology like a microwave
What is the definition of kinetic energy Kinetic energy is when a object does not move on its own but the particles are always moving for example a ruler
What is the definition of temperature Temperature is the mass of average kinetic particles
which of the three states of matter in a list has the a:most kinetic energy b:less Kinetic energy c:least kinetic Energy answers: a: Gas b: Liquid c: Solid
Created by: TRINI