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Tangerine Things 5

Tangerine Things to Know 5

YOO-HOO chocolate-flavored drink
BLACKJACK hand weapon that usually consists of metal enclosed by leather with a strap for a handle
ORLANDO city in Florida with many tourist attractions, including Disney World and Universal Studios
EPCOT Disney theme park
WISHBONE forked bone in front of the breastbone of birds. Many people break this bone after they have cooked a turkey to see who gets the longer portion. The person who breaks off the larger portion is said to have hiss or her wish come true.
KMART department store
CAT BURGLAR person who can enter and exit a building without making any noise to steal
LEAN-TO rough shed or shelter with a roof having only one slope
ANEURYSM abnormal blood-filled dilation of a bolld vessel, especially an artery
Created by: conniethornton53