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RMS 6 Geologic Time

RMS 6th Grade Science

atmosphere the gaseous portion of the planet
radiometric dating a complex procedure for calculation the absolute ages of rocks
eon the largest time unit on the geologic time scale
era a major division on the geologic time scale that is a subdivision of an eon
igneous rock a rock formed by the solidification of molten magma (melting and cooling)
glaciation covered with or affected by a glacier
Precambrian all geologic time prior to the Phanerozoic Eon
Pangaea proposed supercontinent which began to break apart 200 million years ago and formed the present land masses
period a basic unit of the geologic time scale that is a subdivision of an era
Phanerozoic the part of geologic time represented by rocks containing abundant fossil evidence
fossils the remains or traces of organisms preserved from the geologic past
plate tectonics the theory which proposes that Earth's outer shell consists of large, individiual pieces that interact in various ways
paleontologist a scientist who studies fossils and the history of life on Earth
relative dating a form of dating by placing rocks in their proper sequence
geologic time scale the division of Earth's history into blocks of time
Created by: mrskarney