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Stack #120802

Crispin Final Test

Crispin discovers amazing things about himself and his mother.
Widow Daventry takes Bear and Crispin in, hides them, and feeds them.
Bear loves Crispin like a son and teaches him how to survive.
Asta could read and write, and had a son with Lord Furnival.
John Aycliffe declares Crispin a "wolf's head" and tries to have him murdered.
Lady Furnival is afraid Lord Douglas will find out about Crispin and steal her power.
John Ball helps Bear with his rebellion in order to give the people freedom.
Goodwife Peregrine gives Crispin a leather pouch for protection.
Father Quinel helped Crispin bury his mother, then tried to help him escape.
Great Wexley located behind stone walls, full of people, food, and other exciting things.
agitated anxious and tense
wedlock the state of being married
quickened became or made something faster
infatuated passionate about something, utterly captivated or obsessed
claimant someone who is receiving something such as a benefit or an inheritance
bondage slavery or physical restraint, control by something that limits freedom
scabrous having a rough surface because of scales or short stiff hairs
omen a happening that is regarded as a sign of how something will fare in the future
cowls hoods on a monk's cloak
voracious very hungry; desiring to consume food in great quantities
Created by: lajeanharkins
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