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Japan Bowl Mock 4

Level 4

What is the name of a network of high-speed railway lines in Japan operated by four Japan Railways? Shinkansen
What is the name of a railway loop line in Tokyo, Japan, operated by East Japan Railway Company (JR East). It is one of Tokyo's busiest and most important lines, connecting most of Tokyo's major stations and urban centres Yamanote Line
The first railway was built between what two cities in 1872? Japan now has one of the worlds most developed transportation networks Tokyo and Yokohama
The five leading national daily newspapers in Japan are Mainichi Shimbun, the Yomiuri Shimbun, Sankei Shim bun, the Nikkei Shimbun and ( ) The Asahi Simbun
What is the story about a boy who came out of a peach and defeated monsters? Momotaro
In Momotaro, what three animals accompany him? How did he convinced them? Dog, bird, monkey. He gave them onigiri.
What is the story about a boy who was raised on Mount Ashigara? Kintaro
In Kintaro, what was he called? (a warrior and a loyal follower of Minamoto no Yorimitsu) Sakata no Kintoki
What is the story about a mouse couples who tried to look for a husband for their daughter? Nezumi no Yomeiri
Who wrote Hadaka no oosama (The emperor's New clothes)? What prize did he/she won? Kaikoo Takeshi (Ken) Akutagawa Prize
What is it called when it's consider a "long poem" that has lines of 5 and 7 syllables, ending with an extra seven syllable? Chooka
This poem has two tercets of 5,7, and 7 syllables each. Sedooka
Who wrote Season of Sun (1956)? What prize did he/she won? Shintaro Ishihara Akutagama Prize The Best Author of the Year Prize
Who won the Junichi Tanizaki Award for Hard Boiled Wonder and the End of the World? Murakami Haruki
What is the name of the Treaty between Japan and the Republic of Korea? What is it supposed to do? The Treaty on Basic Relations June 22, 1965 It supposed to restore diplomatic relations.
What were the islands that the U.S. returned to the Japanese on April 5, 1968? The Bonin Islands (Ogasawara)
What agreement brought Okinawa back to Japan in May 5, 1972? The Reversion Agreement Signed on June 17, 1971
What was the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty? June 8, 1976 Prevents any spread of nuclear weapons.
Who signed the Peace and Friendship Treaty? (August 12, 1978) Japan's Foreign Affairs of Japan, Sunao Sonada and China's Foreign Minister, Huang Hua
Its literal meaning of "financial clique" referred to the industrial and financial business in the Empire of Japan. (hiragana) Zaitbatsu
Who was the Finance Minister that was the "initial wave" to the Showa Period Financial Crisis of 1927 Naoharu Kataoka
What was the major 1923 earthquake that hit 東京 and 横浜 with a 7.9 on the Richter scale? The Great Kanto Earthquake
On this day, Prime Minister Iniukai Tsuyoshi was assassinated. May 15, 1932
What bridge did the Japanese Kwantaung army station in, on July 7, 1937? Marco Polo
When was the Rape of Nankin, sometimes called Nanjing Massacre? December 13, 1937
He was a part of the establishment of the Liberal Democratic Party and also the Prime Minister of Japan from 1960-1964? Hayato Ikeda
Japan may not have a standing army, but from 1950-1960, they had established what two defense groups? National Police Reserve and National Defense Force
In what year was Japan admitted to the United Nations? 1956
When was the treaty in 1953 that Japan and United States signed? US Japan Mutual Defense Treaty
Where is the home to the famous Great Buddha statue in the Todaji Temple. Nara, Okinawa
What is the nickname for Tohoku's Sendai? The Forest Capital
Sapporo holds a which seasonal festival every year? Winter Festival
Where in Kyoto is the Myoshinji Branch Temple that includes the famous Zen-style Rock Garden? Ryoanji
When did "Little Boy" drop? August 6, 1945
What major city is the Headquarters of Toyota Motor Corporation? Nagoya
What is Japan's number one major export? Automobiles
What is the term used for death by overworking? Karoshi
Japan and what other country contributed to finance U.S's national debt? China
What is Japan's busiest airport brand? Haneda
How big are tatami mats? 1x2 meters, 4.5cm thick
What type of kimono would an unmarried woman wear? Furisode
What is the name of a heated table that is covered with a futon and has a board placed on top? Kotatsu
What does a typical Japanese meal consist of? A serving of plain white rice, a main dish (fish/meat), a side dish (cooked veggies), soup (often misoshiro), and picked veggies (tsukemono)
Where is a kamidama placed at in a Japanese household? Near the ceiling on a shelf
What is the purpose of a genkan? An entrance to store, remove, and put on shoes
What type of kimono is worn during summer? Yukata
What would a mother say to her child leaving for school? Itterasshai
What kind of paste is a foundation in Japanese cuisines? Miso
What is said before and after eating a meal? Itadekimasu and gochisosama deshita
A child has a cold; what is a popular cold remedy? Watery porridge seasoned with salt
In 1989, what company purchases the Rockefeller Center in the USA? Mitsubishi
Who wrote Kojinteki na Taiken and was the second Japanese winner of the Nobel Prize for literature? Oe Kenzaburo
What year did Toyota introduce the Prius? 1997
What was the purpose of the Kyoto Protocol (1997)? To reduce the level of greenhouse gas emissions to avoid climate changes (ex. global warming)
What two islands is the Akashii-Kaikyo suspension bridge built between? Shikoku and Honshu
What major earthquake struck in 1995, killing about 6,500 people? The Great Hanshin Earthquake
What emperor had the longest rule recorded in Japanese history, & when was his death? Emperor Hirohito, 1989
What is the APEC in 1989? Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation that is to bring the USA, Japan, Australia, Chile, and more together; free trade & economic cooperation
What are some popular blogging platforms for SNS users in Japan? FC2 Inc., Ameblo, Hatena-Diary, Blogger, Goo Blog, JUGEM
What newspaper has the highest amount of circulation? Yomiuri Shimbun
What percentage of the Japanese population uses the internet? 80%
What is the japanese internet users two favorite online activities? E-mail and online shopping
How are rooms in Japanese households measured? by tatami mats
What is the most popular bow style for an obi? Drum bow / taiko musubi
What color is the han'eri and tabi, and why? pure white to show off the colors of the kimono
The cuisine which is made of fermented soybeans that has a pungent smell is? Natto
What are two popular brands of short-grained rice? Koshihikari and Akita Komachi
Japan catches three-quarters of global catches of this kind of fish Tuna
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