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Japan Bowl Mock 3

Japan Bowel Level 3

What is the city where the atomic bomb was dropped on Aug 9, 1945 Nagasaki
What was the code name of the atomic bomb that was detonated over Nagasaki Fat Man
Who is the author of the novel, 私はねこである (I am a cat) 夏目漱石(なつめ そうせき)
Who is one of the most popular and controversial post war novelists who wrote Norwegian Wood? 村上 春樹(むらかみ はるき)
Who is the 1994 Nobel Prize winner in Literature? Kenzaburo Ooe
Who is the 1968 Nobel Prize winner in Literature? Yasunari Kawabata
What is the name of the video game giant that started as selling Japanese playing cards? Nintendo
What is FUSUMA? (Japanese home) vertical rectangular panels which can slide from side to side to redefine spaces within a room, or act as doors. They typically measure about 90 centimetres (3.0 ft) wide by 180 centimetres
What is a door, window or room divider consisting of translucent paper over a frame of wood which holds together a lattice of wood or bamboo? Shoji
What are Japan's greatest and second greatest exports? Automobiles and consumer electronics
Who was the Japanese fleet admiral in charge of the attack on Pearl Harbor? What was Japan's justification? Isoroku Yamamoto (五十六 山本)FDR imposed an oil embargo on Japan in response to Japan's refusal to remove its troops from China
What were Japanese business monopolies/conglomorates known as in the ww2 era, and what are they known as know? Zaibatsu and Keiretsu
What is the japanese term for a female office worker in japan, who usually does secretarial duties? (english abbreviation written in kana) オーエル (OL) stands for Office Lady
What is the capital city of 愛知? 名古屋
What is Japan's population size (approximately) and what percent are ethnically Japanese 130,000,000 and 98.5%
Japan is the single largest importer of what? Fish and fishery products
What does TPP stand for and what is it? Is Japan a part of it? Trans Pacific Partnership, free trade agreement, Japan has not yet joined (agricultural sectors against it)
What region is 東京 in? 関東
東京の南に二大市が有る。What are they? 川崎と横浜
__と__の間に関西がある。 中国と中部
What was the first Japanese book ever written? What language was it written in? こじき、 中国語
Who complied both the Kojiki and the Nihonshoki? おう の やすまろ
What is a もっかん? A thin wooden document (part of the まんよしょう)
What are some of なつめ そせき’s novels and why are they important? Made realistic novels popular in Japan. Texts include, 心、門、こじん.
Who wrote げんじ物語? Murasaki Shikibu
What folk tale contains the first instance of time travel in Japanese culture? うらしまたろ
What is the national flag of Japan called? ひのまる
What is the national bird of Japan? National fish? きじ と きしきごい (green pheasant and koi fish) BONUS IDIOM: きじもなかずばうたれまい
What was Manchuria known as after conquered by the Japanese Kwantung Army? Manchukuo
What philosophy drove Japan toward WW2 Ideal of creating a Great East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere under Japanese control
Who was the Prime Minister of Japan during the Nanjing Massacre? Who was he succeeded by? Konoe Fumimaro, Hideki Tojo
昭和の天皇はだれですか。そして、昭和のいみは何ですか。 ひろひと, "Radiant Japan" or "Enlightened Harmony"
What was the act that created the Rome-Tokyo-Berlin axis? Tripartite Act
When was the major depression of the Showa Era? 1928-1932
What international airport serves the 東京 area? What is "Asia's busiest airport?" 成田空港と羽田空港
サラリーマンは何ですか。そして、かろしは何ですか Salary man is the stereotypical overworked, white collar businessman subject to the corporate hierarchy. Karoshi refers to death by overwork, most commonly caused by heart attack or stroke.
What is the capital of 兵庫? 神戸
What is the mon of the Emperor? How is it different from the rest of the Royal Family? Chrysanthemum with 16 petals, and 16 petals behind it, unlike the rest of the family which uses a different number of petals and no petals behind it (see picture)
What is the mon of the Prime Minister? Who's was it based on? Paulownia Flower, originally the mon of the とよとみ clan, one of the three 'unifiers' of Japan.
How many people are in the Japanese Diet? 480 in the House of Representatives, 242 in the House of Councillors
What Japanese department stores are called? Where are the most expensive of these (area of 東京) デパート、銀座
Which countries are the two largest financiers of US debt? China and Japan, in that order
What are the annual wage negotiations between unions and employers known as? しゅうんとう
What does あまくだり refer to? practice where Japanese senior bureaucrats retire to high-profile positions in the private and public sectors, increasingly seen as corrupt
What is lifetime employment called in Japan, and what is the nenko system? しゅうしんこよう、system of promoting someone based on their age/proximity to retirement
What was the name of the dog that led his master to a pile of gold coins, and what happened to him? 白、killed by greedy neighbors
Japan suffers from 円高, what is it, why is it bad, and what is the target inflation rate to try to counter its effects? Also, about how many yen now equal 1 USD Endaka is the yen being too strong, decreases exports, targeted inflation rate of 2%, about 94
What has been one of the major sources in trade friction between the US and Japan over the last 10 years? Japan's import restrictions on beef, originally due to presence of mad cow disease and continued due to other factors.
九州と四国と中国の間の海は何ですか。 瀬戸内海
When asking a Japanese person where they live, many respond by saying in a マンション。What do they mean by this? マンション refers to condominiums,in most cases those in high-rise or multistory buildings.
Traditional Japanese-style mattresses are called what? The folding mattress, the overquilt. futon ふとん
A futon is stored where during the day? When not in use. 押入れ おしいれ a closet with a sliding door and a single shelf at waist height.
In 1964 who becomes Prime Minister of Japan? Eisaku Sato
Japan creates the National Space Development Agency in what year? 1969
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