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Scope of Practice

The Nurses aide should never : (8) Give medication, insert/remove tubes, take orders from a physician, preform procedures using sterile instruments, tell anyone a diagnosis or medical treatment, prescribe medication, supervise other nurses aides or ignore an order.
6 basic rules for assistive personnel : Remember you are an assistant, nurse is responsible for you, never decide what to do/not to do, ask questions, do only things you have been prepared to do and only things in your scope of practice.
Registered Nurse: Title - Educational Requirements - Licensure Requirements - Responsibilities - (2) RN Associates, bachelors or diploma State license 1. Assess nursing diagnosis and treatment 2. Look after LPN/LVN
Practical/Vocational Nurse: Title - Educational Requirements - Licensure Requirements - Responsibilities - (3) LPN/LVN Certificate and diploma State 1. Administration of Rx. 2. Direct nursing care 3. Under RN
Nurses Aide: Title - Educational Requirements - Licensure Requirements - Responsibilities - (2) CNA State approved training State registry 1. Nursing care 2. Under LPN
What is the legal guideline which describes the functions a RN and LPN/LVN may preform? Nurse Practice Act
Explain the function of the nursing assistant registry. Contains people who had passed the exam.
The registry contains what 7 things? Full name, address, DOB, registration number, employment, exam date and legal proceedings.
Before preforming any action, the CNA must make sure that : (4) Your state of practice allows you to do it, you have the training and education to do it, it is in your job description and an LPN/LVN is available for questions.
Created by: MelissaSueAnn