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What are you doing on the weekend? (in Chinese)

hǎo very
考拉 kǎolā Koala
袋鼠 dàishǔ Kangaroo
鸸鹋 érmiáo Emu
ó Huh? Oh. (exclamation)
真么 zhēnme So (used to emphasis something)
cool (borrowed from English sound)
那么 nàme So (used to emphasis something)
激动 jīdòng excited
zàn to agree with; ‘like’ (on facebook)
周末 zhōumò weekend
累死了 léi exhausted (lit. tired to death)
除了…以外,… chúle…yǐwài,… except; apart from
kàn to watch
电影 diànyǐng movie
ting to listen; to hear
音乐 yīnyuè music
等等 děngděng etc
丽贝卡•黑 líbeìkǎ•hēi Rebecca Black (name of singer)
对我来说 duì wǒ lái shuō in my opinion; for me…
歌词 gē cí song lyrics
简单 jiǎndān simple
明白 míng bai to understand
可笑 kěxiào funny; ridiculous
玩儿 wán er to hang out; to have fun; to play
原貌 yuánmào original (state)
翻译 fānyì translation; to translate
hēi Hey! (exclamation)
wán to play
电脑游戏 diànnǎo yóuxì computer games
bàng awesome
认识 rèn shi to know; to recognize
当然 dāngrán of course
见面 jiànmiàn to meet (with someone)
怎么样 zěn me yàng how about?; what do you think?
不好意思 bù hǎo yì si to be sorry (for inconveniencing someone)
ne question particle
听说 tīng shuō I’ve heard…; it’s been said…
tán to pluck; to play a stringed instrument
吉他 jítā guitar
tiē to post (online); to stick
to hit; to beat; to fight
功夫 gōngfu Kungfu (a form of martial art)
de particle indicating degree
太极拳 tài jí quán Tai chi (a form of exercise or relaxation)
单调 dān diào boring; monotonous
jiào to teach
jiù (indicates an action happening straight away or earlier than expected)
cái (indicates an action happening later than expected)
如果…的话,… rúguǒ…de huà, … If…
xíng ok
hǎo ok
哎哟 āiyō Hey! (exclamation)
Created by: BaiLaoshi
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