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JPKog Family

Japanese Family

おとうさん (お父さん) otoosan dad (someone else's)
おかあさん  (お母さん) okaasan mum (someone else's)
おにいさん  oniisan older brother (someone else's)
おねえさん oneesan older sister (someone else's)
おとうとさん otootosan younger brother (someone else's)
いもうとさん imootosan younger sister (someone else's)
ちち (父) chici dad (your own)
はは (母) haha mum (your own)
あに ani older brother (your own)
あね ane older sister (your own)
おとうと otooto younger brother (your own)
いもうと imooto younger sister (your own)
かぞく kazoku family
ごかぞく gokazoku family (someone else's) ご = honorific
なんにん  (何人) nannin how many people
何人 かぞく  ですか。 nanin kazoku desuka How many people are in your family.
よにん かぞく  です。 yonin kazoku desu There are four people in my family.
ちちと ははと あに が います。 chichi to haha to ani ga imasu There is my Dad, Mum and older brother.
あね が 2人います。  ane ga futari imasu I have two older sisters.
おとうと が  3人います。 otooto ga sannin imasu I have three younger brothers.
おばあさん obaasan grandma
おじいさん ojiisan grandfather
おばさん obasan aunty
おじさん ojisan uncle
そふ sofu grandfather (your own)
そぼ sobo grandmother (your own)
きょうだい は  いますか。 kyoodai wa imasuka Do you have any siblings?
おねえさん は  いますか。 oneesan wa imasuka Do you have an older sister?
いもうとさん は  いますか。 imootosan wa imasuka Do you have a younger sister?
ペット は  いますか。 petto wa imasuka Do you have any pets?
しゅじん shujin husband (your own)
かない、つま kanai, tsuma wife (your own)
こども  (子ども) kodomo children
ごしゅじん goshujin husband (someone else's)
おくさん okusan wife (someone else's)
むすめ musume daughter (your own)
むすこ musuko son (your own)
むすめさん musumesan daughter (someone else's)
むすこさん musukosan son (someone else's)
おこさん  (お子さん) okosan children (someone else's)
お子さん は  いますか。 okosan wa imasuka Do you have any children?
きょうだい kyoodai siblings
Created by: nrjapanese