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Mus Rock n R Midterm

Rock and Roll History

Who were the 2 important people in The Beatles career? Brian Epstein- Manager and George Martin- Producer
Who invented the term rock n roll? Alan Freed- DJ on a radio station. Changed the name of it to Rock and Roll Party
Who wrote "Good Vibrations" and what was interesting about it? The Beach Boys. Used a theremin (electronic instrument).
What was the payola scandal? Freed took bribes to play certain songs and didn't acknowledge the "gifts" on air like he was supposed to.
What was the role of the producer? (A &R) Artist and repertoire. Organize and coordinate the various professionals involved in making the record
What is assimilation? Berry Gordy’s idea that African Americans can or should integrate into the larger American population (while retaining a strong sense of heritage)
What was Sun Records? Sam Phillips started his own recording company. Put rockabilly stars out in the open.
What is AABA? Most popular pop song form. First 2 bars are similar (AA), then a contrasting one (B), and the one similar to the first to (A).
Who wrote "Hey Good Lookin", what year, and what form? Hank Williams, '51, AABA
Who wrote "Evil Is Going On", what year, what form? Howlin' Wolf, '54, Simple Verse
Who wrote "Blueberry Hill", what year, what form? Fats Domino, '56, AABA
Who wrote "Johnny B. Goode", what year, what form? Chuck Berry, '58, simple verse-chorus
What year and form was "I Want to Hold Your Hand"? 63, AABA
What year and form was "Tomorrow Never Knows"? '66, simple verse and 8 bar
What was the name of the meditation that The Beatles did in India? Transcendental Meditation
What did cross over mean? When a song changed categories in the charts (ranked in different ones)
What was unique about Ringo? He was a left handed drummer that played on a right handed set.
What was American Bandstand? 1st TV show dedicated to rock.
What was doo-wop? A long standing black tradition that originated in urban areas. Played an important role in R & B.
Who were Beatles imitators? The Hollies, Herman's Hermits, and Gerry and the Pacemakers.
What as Brian Wilson's pocket symphony "Good Vibrations"
Who were Sonny and Cher? New folk rock. They were already in the music business, but not as artists at first.
What was the Bob Dylan controversy? At the Newport festival he used a lot of electric instruments (he didnt normally) so his fans thought he was selling out.
Who was the artist that would play piano with his leg on it? Little Richard
What were the Temptations known for? Elaborate choreography
What was unique about the Sgt. Peppers album? First concept album- they were an imaginary band
Who "whitened" black songs in the early days? Charles Eugene "Pat" Boone
What ideas did MoTown copy and from where? The Leiber and Stoller idea of songwriters producing their songs.
Who were some of the Folk rock groups? Bob Dylan, Peter, Paul, and Mary, and the Kingston Trio.
Who were H-D-H? Motown's songwriters.
What were the importance of AM radios during the first wave of rock and roll? That's where teens would listen to their music.
What were some of the tech developments in the first half of rock history? Radio, TV, recordings- used stenographs
Created by: rciskewl