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critical thinking

chapter 11

five steps of the nursing process assessing, diagnosing, planning, implementing, evaluation
assessing collecting, validating and communication of pt data
diagnosing analyzing pt data to id pt strengths and problems
planning specifying pt outcomes and needed nursing interventions
implementing carrying out the plan of care
evaluatling measuring the extent to which pt achieved outcomes
characteristics of nurisng process systmeatic, dynamic, interpersonal,outcome oirented, universally applicable
problem solving techiniques used in the nursing process trial and error, scientific, intuitive, critical thinking
skills used in the nurisng process congitive, techincal, interpersonal,ethical/legal
benefits of nursing process for pt holistic care, continiuty of care, cost-effective
benefits of nursing process for nurse work with other healthcare workers, opportunity to grow professionally
four domains of critical thinking elelements of thought,abilities,affective dimensions,intellecutal standards
critical thinking is..... purposeful, inflormed, driven by pt needs, vased on nusing process and scienftific method, is constantly reevaluated
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