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tele distant; far
phon sound
caco bad
biblio book
gyn or gynaec women
dem people
theo god
graph or gram record
anthrop man; mankind
phil love
arch/archy rule; govern
log; ology study of
micro small
poly many
miso hate
gam fmarriage; ability to reproduce
pan/panto all
olig few
cracy/crat rule; goovern
macro large
homo same
hetero unlike
geo earth
cephal head
bio life
derm skin
osteo bone
path feeling; disease
pod foot
neo new
psych mind
paleo ancient;old
ethn nation
--oid resemblence; looks like
auto self
itcthy fish
entom insect
phag eat
dendr;dender tree
phyll leaf
etym word
cosm world
polit;polis city
lith;lite stone or rock
glyph;glypt carving
astr; aster star
pachy thick
icon image;dol
crom;chromat color
peter;petr rock or stone
Ornith bird
morph shape;form
ortho correct;straight
holo whole
hdry water
pyr fire
caust;caut burn
pseudo FALSE
necro dead
onoma;onym name
gloss;glott;glot language
gno;gnow know
archa;archae ancient
hier sacred;valuable in a religious sense
rrhe;rrh flow
pro before
dia through;across
opi;ep upon, on top of
a-ian without
anti;ant against
syn;syl;sym; with;together
-clast destroy
--lantry worship
--mania obsessed with;
phobia morbid fear of
tauto same
hyper excessive;over;too
kine;ino;cinema;cenemate movement
crypt conceal;hide
therm heat
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