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Integumentary and N.

Integumentary and Nervous System

What are the five functions of the integumentary system ? To protect, keep moisture, make vitamin D, regulate body temperature, excrete waste
What are the 3 layers that make up skin ? hair follicles, nails, nerves
What are the 2 systems that make up the nervous system ? Central & peripheral
What does your brain look like ? A wet sponge
How much does your brain weigh ? 3 pounds
What part of your braun automatically controls parts of your body ? Brain stem
What does the brain stem control ? Digesting food, pumping blood, breathing
What is a special name for a nerve cell ? Neuron
What part of your brain controls feelings ? Amygdala
Define cerebrum Controls thoughts, memory, learning and senses
Define cerebellum Controls balance and muscle coordination
Define medulla Controls breathing, heartbeat, digestion and other vital body processes
Define spinal cord Relays impulses between brain & other parts of the body
Define spinal nerves Carry impulses between the spinal cord & body parts
What are the functions of the nervous system ? Regulates and maintains homeostasis
Components of the skin Fat cells, fat layer, sweat glands, oil glands, pores, blood vessels, epidermis, dermis, hair, hair muscle, nerves
What is the special name of a nerve cell ? Neuron
Created by: SandraT19