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microbiology dr ray

test 1

1.)who first saw the cells? 1665-robert hooke reported that living things were composed of little boxes or cells
2.)who first saw and described microorganisms? 1673-1723 anton van leeuwenhoek described living organism
3.)who disproved the thoery of spontaneous generation? louis pasteur in 1861 demenstrated that microganisms are present in the air (pasteurs s shaped flask)
4.)who disinfected surgical wounds reducing deaths due to infections? english surgeon joseph lister in 1860, applied the germ thoery to medical procedures
5.)who discovered the first synthetic drug used against microorganisms? paul ehrlich, a german physician
6.)who discovered the first antibiotic? andrew flemming, observed that penicillum fungus made an antibiotic
7.)who discovered the first vaccine? edward jenner inoculated a person with cowpox virus, who then was protected from smallpox
8.)who developed the steps for relating a microorganism to a disease? robert koch proved that a bacterium causes anthrax and provided the experimental steps, kochs postulates
9.)what are the "ologies" related to microbiology? bacteriaology-study of bacteria mycology-study of fungi parastiology-study of protozon and parsitic worms
10.)continued, what are the ologies? immunology-immunity virollogy-viruses
11.)what bacteria covering a solid surface is called what? microbes attach to solid surfaces and grow into masses
12.)what causes influenza? h1n1 known as swine, avian h5n1 bird flu
13.)bacterial shapes bacillus (rod-shaped) coccus (spherical) spiral spirrilum vibrio spirochete
14.)bacterial shapes (usually shaped bacteria) star shaped rectangular
15.)descriptive prefixes for bacterial colonies pairs-diplococci-diplobacili clusters-staphylococci chains-streptococci-streptobacilli
19.)what the geletanious external layer around some bacteria is called? glycocalynx (sugar coat) is the general term used for substances that surround cells. (sticky)
20.)flagellar terminology long filamentious appendages that propel bacteria
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