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Science Benchmark

Study for benchmark

Nonvascular, low-growing plants with a root system Mosses
Vascular plants with feathery leaves called ferns Ferns
Vascular seed plants which produce seeds to cones Gymnosperms
Vascular seed plants that produce flowers and seeds in fruits Angiosperms
have a central cavity with a mouth. Most have tentacles Cnidaria
have an internal skeleton made of bones and cartilage. Chordata
round-bodied worms that live as parasites Nematoda
many have a thick, muscular foot for movement Mollusca
joined legs, a hard exoskeleton and bodies divided into segments Arthropoda
Flat- Bodied worms that live as parasites Platyhelminthes
A thick sack of cell that form pores, chambers, or canals. Porifera
Worms with segmented bodies, they are not parasites Annelida
Have radical symmetry have a tough outer covering that is covered with spines. Have water vascular system and tube feet. Echinodermata
Name the raw materials of photosynthesis Co2 and Water
Name the products of photosynthesis Oxygen and Sugar
GENOTYPES ARE ____ AND PHENOTYPES ARE ____ Letters and Meanings
Father of genetics? Gregor Mendel
Which scientist are credited with discovering the structure of DNA? Watson and Crick
The "rungs" of a DNA ladder are made up of pairs of? nitrogen bases
genes are carried from parents to their offspring on? cromosomes
a _____ is an abnormal condition that a person inherits through genes or chromosomes genetic disorder
in a DNA molecule adenine always pairs with thymine
the gradual change in a species overtime is called... evolution
Darwin explained that over a long period of time ____ leads to evolution. natural selection
a ______ is a well tested concept that explains a wide range of observations scientific theory
what is an independent variable SOMETHING YOU CHANGE
what is an dependent variable something that changes on its own
constants things that stay the same
control fertilizer... the one without the fert. would be the control
Name two parts a plant cell has that an animal call doesn't? chloroplast and cell wall
name the cell part that produces energy mitochondria
name the cell part that serves as a storage area for the cell vacuole
another term for cell division is mitosis
cell>____> organs>organ system>organism tissues
the diffusion of water through a membrane is called osmosis
diffusion is the tendency for molecules to move from an area of ____ concentration to a low concentration higher
an organism that is made up of many cells is called multicellular
____ created a two-part naming system called binomial nomenclature linaeus
name three domains bacteria eukarya archaea
Created by: kearnsjournie