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Geo. 5 & 6

soph. geography

Quebec, Montreal, Ottowa Canadian cities that grew up along the St. Lawrence River.
Hurricane A tropical ocean storm.
Loyalists Colonists who wish to remain subject to the British government.
Toronto Canada's largest city.
France In order to expand westward, the U.S. purchased lands from who?
Parliament The collective governing body of Canada.
Province A political unity similar to a state.
World War II Canada became a military and industrial power as a result of what?
Canada Enslaved African-Americans were protected when they escaped to where?
Everglades Florida's wetlands and swamps.
Aquaculture As commercial fishing declined, this activity took its place.
Fossil fuels These were formed in the Earth millions of years ago and can be burned for energy.
Gulf of Mexico, Arctic Moist winds from these areas bring rain and snow to the Great Plains.
Why did the midwest become a leading center of industry in the 1800s? The use of coal made steam power cheap.
What did America's inland and coastal waterways provide in the development of cities? Shipping and trade routes.
Chaparral Vegetation made up of dense forests of shrubs and snort trees is called what?
Timberline No trees grow above the what?
Separatism Quebec's movement toward independence is called what?
Immigration The movement of people into one country from another is called what?
Spain, France, Great Britain What European Countries were the first to colonize North America.
Jazz A from of music blending Africa rhythms with European harmonies is called what?
Quebec Act What gave French settlers the right to maintain their own language, religion and laws?
Republic After the American Revolution, the American colonies ruled themselves under what form of government?
The Underground Rail Road What name was given to the network of safe houses that assisted people escaping slavery in the 1800's?
France and Great Britain In 1670, territorial rivalry over what is now Canada was between who?
Dry Farming Cultivating land so it catches and holds rain water is called what?
Supercells Thunderstorms that can cause tornadoes are called what?
The Great Lakes, Mississippi River, Niagra Falls, St. Lawrence River List four freshwater systems in the U.S. and Canada.
Petroleum, Natural Gas, Coal, Timber and Fish List four types of natural resources that have made the U.S. and Canada wealthy.
Drought, Poor farming techniques What two things was the Dust Bowl caused by?
The Louisiana Purchase What land acquisition made in 1803, doubled the size of the U.S.?
Suburb What is the outlying community around a city called?
It is bitterly cold and farming is difficult. List two reasons why few people live in Greenland.
The discovery of oil and Natural gas. What prompted migration to the prairie provinces in the late 20th century?
Created by: MaestraG