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Cubangbang #120223

Cubangbang's 7th Chapter 9 & 10 Creation & Evolution Stack #120223

The verse "All things were made by him; and without him was not anythin was not anything made that was made" (John 1:3) most directly supports: biblical Creationism
Not a clear biblical teaching about Creation. God created a canopy to protect the created world.
People who promote the theory of intelligent design believe that life shows evidence of design
The verse "One day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day" (2 Peter 3:8) is sometimes used to support the idea of long-day theory
The term "global flood" means that a flood of water covered the entire earth
Not a problem of the long-day theory The word "was" in Genesis 1:2 is a better translation based on Hebrew grammar than the word "became"
Does not deal with geneaologies Gap theory
The process by which most fossils are beieved to have been formed Sedimentation
We are sure Jacob knew something about behemoth and leviathan
The changing of a thing to become improved or more complex evolution
The argument that building your muscles will not cause your children to have big muscles could be used to refute the theory proposed by Lamarck
According to De Vries, the organism capable of the most evolution mutates easily
Of all the gene mutations man has observed in organisms, the vast majority are harmful
Not one of the points Darwin used in his thoery of natural selection The embryos of many organisms appear to be similar
Where can you find a complete and uninterrupted fossil record? Nowhere
The belief that the physical universe was created by God. Biblical Creationism
The belief that the physical universe developed by chance. Evolutionism
The belief that each day of Creation was a long period of time, maybe thousands of years. Long-day theory
The belief that each day of Creation was twenty-four hours long. Literal view
The belief that the "first creation" was destroyed during Satan's fall. Gap theory
The belief that the random direction of evolution is incapable of causing the level of complexity we see in nature. Theory of intelligent design
The belief that God created new groups of species at widely spaced intervals. Progressive creationism
The belief that the earth is millions or billions of years old. Old-earth theory
The belief that the earth is about six thousand years old. Young-earth theory
Creation and evolution are both accepted by faith
Rain fell for how many days and nights during the Genesis Flood. 40
Those materials that settle to the bottom of the river are called Sediment
Means fearful or monstrous lizard Dinosaur
The theory that organisms change to a darker color because human activity causes their surroundings to become darker. industrial mechanism
Island where Darwin observed animals Galapagos
A diagram demsonstrating the supposed stages of biological evolution Evolutionary family tree
Similar structures that evolutionists say are best explained by common ancestry Homologous structures
The modern animal that supposedly descended from Pakicetus and Ambulocetus whale
The gradual change of one kind of organism into another Biological evolution
An extinct bird to be a missing link between birds and reptiles Archeopteryx
An organism that evolutionists claim has different groups of organisms as its offsprings Common ancestor
Changes in an organism's genetic makeup account for evolutionary changes Evolution-mutation theory
A record of past living things Fossil record
A genetic change that can be passed down to offspring Germ mutation
The ship Darwin sailed on HMS Beagle
A genetic change that cannot affect the offspring Somatic mutation
An organism that probably never existed but is needed to fill out the evolutionary path of other organisms Missing link
A theory that is also known as Neo-Darwinism Mutation-selection theory
The idea that the environment destroys organisms that are less able than others to live in the environment Theory of natural selection
Cutting off tails of many generations disproved this theory Theory of inheritance of acquired characteristics
Man was not created in the same way as plants and animals True
God's creation has degenerated because of man's sin True
Noah's ark was not the about the same size of Columbus's ship the Santa Maria True
The term survival of the fittest is not most closely associated with the theories of De Vries True
Using special equipment and controlled conditions, some scientists have not created living cells from nonliving materials True
Who used the unusual length of the giraffe's neck to support his theory of evolution? Lamarck
Who developed a theory of evolution after a five-year voyage to study South America. Darwin
Who studied changes in plants and proposed that mutations were the source of change for evolution? De Vries
The theory of evolution that is accepted by most modern evolutionary scientists Neo-Darwinism or mutation-selction theory
the ultimate question or that problem that evolution is unable to answer How did it all start? Where did life first come from?
Created by: jcubangbang