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AQ LS3 Test Review


How does Sulfur dioxide get into the air & what is it's secondary pollutant? It comes from the smoke stacks of powerplants when they burn coal. It's secondary pollutant is Sulfur trioxide (SO3) & acid rain
How does Nitrogen oxides get into the air & what is it's secondary pollutant? It gets into the air from the fuel burned by cars, trucks, & plains & it's secondary pollutant comes right out of the vehicles tailpipes. It's secondary pollutant is Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2)- Ground level ozone-03 and causes acid rain.
If CO2 & H2O are not considered to be pollutants, why are scientists concerned about the levels of these two compounds in our atmosphere? CO2 or H2O are not pollutants but do contribute to global climate change.
What are some examples of unstable molecules (we made in class) and explain why it's unstable USE the words REACT/REACTIVE. N, 2O2, 2H2 **When N atoms had open holes, it was unstable & the molecules are more REACTIVE, but they are more likely to REACT when bonded with other unstable molecules. They then become stable.
O2 & N2 are stable molecules. What conditions can cause these two molecules to become unstable? Add heat & pressure.
Describe the difference between (good) ozone high up in the stratosphere vs ground level in the troposphere (bad)? High up in the air, the ozone absorbs the sun's UV rays and protects life from the suns harmful rays. Down on ground level it can damage your lungs, food, plants,etc.
#6. A sickening six pollutant was carbon monoxide. Why is it important to have a carbon monoxide detector in your home? It is a deadly gas, has no smell, makes you sleeply, sick, and can cause death.
Is air undergoing thermal inversion more or less polluted than air that isn't undergoing a thermal inversion? WHY? It is more polluted because in a thermal inversion, the warm air sit on top of the cool air like a lid. The warm & cool air can't mix & the pollutants are not broken up & carried away.
What does the law of conservation of matter state? It states that matter is neither created nor destroyed.
How does the "Law of Conservation of Matter" relate to the "Balancing of Chemical Equations?" It states that matter can't be destroyed, therefore the chemical equations must always be balanced-meaning the same # of atoms on each side.
In order for smog to form what 4 ingredients must you have? Oxygen (02), Nitrgen oxides (N)), Hydrocarbons, and Ultraviolet lights (UV).
The Chemical Reaction required to create smog is called a "Photochemical Reaction". Explain why "Photochemical" is an appropriate name? Photochemical reactions require sunlight & a greater amount of smog is produced when the weather is sunnier.
What is a Hydrocarbon? A compound that contains only hydrogen & carbon atoms.
What is a VOC - Volatile-Organic-Compound)? A pollutant that reacts with nitrogen oxides to make smog.
#15. Is LA the only place where OZONE exists? Use the layers of the atmosphere to explain why? Ozone can be found anywhere based on where you live (the altitude). Of the 5 layers of the atmosphere, the Troposphere is the worst because of smog. So if you live in a higher altitude, you breath better air (less ozone.)
#17. What is responsible for ozone high in the atomosphere getting thinner & even disappearing? The OZONE hole is caused by chemicals like CHF's (cholorofluorocarbons)in aresol spray cans. These chemicals break down ozone into oxygen molecules & oxygen atoms.
#18. List & describe why LA has some of the worst air quality in the nation? **Large Population, high energy demands (power plants, burn coal)** **Surrounded by alot of mountains and the mountains keep polluted air in the area.** **Warmer climate with more sun, causes more smog.**
#19. What is the role of the sun in creating poor air quality? With more sunshine, more smog may form ground level ozone. It also acts as a lid to trap all the pollutants (thermal inversion).
Why do scientists use parts per million (ppm)or micrograms as a measure of pollutants in the air? Because there are very small amounts of atoms in the air.
What is the advantage of using "Chemical Equations?" Quicker to write & easier to read.
How are good ozone & bad ozone the same? They have the same molecule structure. Both are in the Atmosphere.
How are good ozone & bad ozone different? Good Ozone is in the Statosphere & absorbs the UV rays. Bad Ozone is in the Troposphere, is produced from smog & hurts the lungs & environment.
Hi Alex From Mom :)
Created by: Alex Jackson