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The ??? remains a staple of central Mexican food ways. Corn Tortilla
Where is "Little Havana?" Miami
A readily visible marker of ethnicity on the landscape. Ethnic flag
Which ethnic groups have been highly successful in marketing versions of their traditional cuisines in the USA? Chinese, Italians, and Mexicans
??? refers to the likelihood that a radicalized minority population inhabits a polluted area. Environmental Racism
??? migration involves the voluntary movement of a group back to its ancestral homeland or native country Return migration
Expelling ethnic minorities from a region Ethnic cleansing
??? migration involves the first emigrants, or "innovators" who may be natural leaders and who influence others, particularly friends and relatives to accompany them in migrations Chain migration
??? is a process in which a specific source region becomes linked to a particularly destination. Channelization
A suburban ethnic neighborhood, sometimes home to relatively affluent immigration populations Ethnoburbs
??? refers to an impoverished, urban, hispanic neighborhood. Barrio
Typically, the term ??? is commonly used in the USA today to signal an impoverished, urban, African-American neighborhood. Ghetto
Historically, the term dates back from thirteenth-century medieval Europe, when Jews lived in segregated, walled communities called ??? Ghetto
An urban ethnic region is a Neighborhood/Ghetto
Which is the ethnic homeland of SouthTexas Tejano
The Louisiana french ethnic homeland Acadiana
Ethnic culture regions that are small dots in the countryside, usually occupying an area smaller than a county and serving as homme to several hundred to several thousand people. Ethnic Island
Ethnic culture region that covers a large, rural area, often overlapping municipal borders, and have sizable populations. Ethnic Homeland
which implies a complete blending with the host culture and may involve the loss of many distinctive ethnic traits Assimilation
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