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3 25 Africa Vocad

Africa Vocabulary

developing country a poor country whose citizens mostly work in agriculture
life expectancy the average number of years a person from a certain group lives
natural resource naturally accuring materials that can be used by humans
scarcity inadequate supply or shortage
civil war fight between two groups in one country
colony overseas territory or settlement tied to a parent country
coral reef structure formed by the skeletons of small sea animals
deforestation widespread cutting of forest
desertification process of grasslands changing to deserts
drought long period of time of extreme dryness
gencoide mass murder of people due to race religion and other differences
immigrant someone that lived in one country that moved to another country
imperialism system of building forghen empires for military
indigenous native or originating from a place
industrialized country country in which agrate deal of manufactureing occurs
literacy rate percent of people that can read or write
overgraze to allow animals to strip areas so bare that plants cant grow back
refuge person who flees to another country toavoid disaister
savana broad grassland with few trees, found in the tropics
subsistence farm small plotwhere a farmer only bgrows enough food to feed his own family
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