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Media Law Midterm


Free Speech Found in the first amendment; does not legally protect inciting panic
Copy right Must be registered online. Protects creative material
Patent Register online and protects the process of something
Intellectual property material that you develop. They are your ideas.
Libel the publication of false information. Causes harm to another/reputation
Public vs. Private persons Helps define if there is a libel case. Must be identified as a public person
Commercial speech Anything that can generate money; advertising
False advertising misleading advertising; is not protected under the first amendment
What are the four remedies to stop false advertising? Injunction, consent, compliance, FTC
Obscenity no artistic value; not protected
Indecency is protected; creative purposes
Telecommunications material that is broadcast over public airways
Tort law civil law; brings harm; equitable law; does not involve the government
First amendment protection speech, actions, write
Clear and present danger Supreme Court concept; rule that determines whether speech is protected
First and Fourteenth amendments extends all federal laws over the states; including first amendments
Prior restraint Stop publishing before it is printed; exception- risking national defense secrets
Rights of Copyright owner own material; 7 years after death; only ones allowed to make money off of their copyrighted material
Patent regulation renewed; exception- patent can not be issued over general knowledge
Protection of intangible property protection of things you cannot touch; scientific theory
What are the 5 elements of libel? identification; falsity; damages; publically spoken or published; ___
Defendants' defense against libel Thought it was the truth!
Elements to prove actual malice purposeful lying; knowingly
commercial speech protection limited first amendment protection
Telecommunications regulations FCC; fines and suspensions; radio; broadcast airways
Candidates Access Rule any candidate can receive air time fi they have public support if it is specifically being offered; excludes news events
Use of Equal Air time equal air time for candidates; news events exempted
Safe hours 6a-10p
regulation of fleeting expletives do not have time to edit out; broadcast live; regulated by FCC
Location of right to privacy in law alluded to but not outright in 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th; treatise law
Federal agencies enforcing media fcc; ftc
What are samples of privacy law false light; intrusion; appropriation; publication
spectrum scarcity airways are limited; those must be regulated
news vs entertainment news is protected; jury decides; entertainment is not
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