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For liberals, any explanation of the prevalence of war in human history starts with the fact of international anarchy. FALSE
o war has been fought on American soil since the Civil War. TRUE
What makes nuclear weapons unique? The speed and efficacy of destruction.
What is terrorism? Politically motivated violence against noncombatant targets.
How was the mutual assured destruction (MAD) different from nuclear utilization theories (NUTS)? MAD was based on deterrence, while NUTS considered a possibility of fighting a nuclear war.
What is the just war doctrine? A belief that ethical and moral considerations must be part of determining when and how to fight.
What is pacifism? A belief that the use of violence in international relations is morally unacceptable.
Which of the following is NOT commonly seen as one of the elements of democracy? Fillibuster
hich of the following paradigms is the most suspicious that the recent trend of declining frequency of wars will endure? Realisim
What is the name of the war in which at least one participant is a nonstate actor? Extrastate war
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