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Science Vocabeln

stratosphere 2nd layer of atmosphere
troposphere innermost layer of atmosphere
greenhouse gases gases in earth's lower atmosphere that causes the greenhouse effect
pollutant particular chem/ form of E that can adversely affect the health, survival, or activities of humours/ other living org
attrition wearing/grinding of a sub by friction
suspended particulates any solid particles/ droplets that are small enough to remain in air for long periods of time
vaporization process in which a sub is changed from a liquid into gas
combustion burning of comps containing carbon, burning of mixture of fuel and oxygen
VOCs comps containing carbon that readily vaporizes at normal temp
photochem fog brown-coloured haze produced when sunlight provides E for chem reactions that result in frmation of nitrogen dioxide
ozone comp that consists of 3 atoms of oxygen
Created by: ConcreteAngel