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#Science cards

32 science cards

Question or TermAnswer or Definition
Calorie a measure of the amount of energy in food
Fats a group of nutrients that provide energy and building blocks for some body systems
Carbohydrates a group of nutrients that provide energy; they include sugars and starches
Nutrient a chemical needed for the maintenance and growth of an organism
Nutrition the process by which organisms get the building materials and energy needed to stay alive
Proteins a group of nutrients that provide energy and building blocks for growth and repair of body tissues
Concentration the amount of material dissolved in a measure of liquid the more material dissolved in the liquid, the more concentrated the solution
Carbon Dioxide a colorless, odorless gas, present in the atmosphere. It is given off by plants, animals, and some chemical reactions.
Vitamin C an essention acid in human nutrition
Indicator an object, material, or organism that shows the presence of certain materials.
Carbohydrate refers to a group of nutrients that provide energy, sugars, and starches.
Sugar a simple chemical used as an energy source by most life forms
Metabolism the process of breaking down food to yield energy to keep organisms functioning
Yeast a single celled organism in the fungus kingdom
Food anything that people eat that provides energy and allows them to grow
Acid a chemical that has a characteristic sour taste
Chemical Reaction a change that occurs as a result of mixing two or more materials together. A reaction forms new materials with different properties from the original.
How do you know which breakfast cereals contain the most sugar? The greater the amount of carbon dioxide produced by yeast in a food sample, the greater the amount of sugar in the sample.
What chemical can be used to indicate acid in food? Baking soda can be used to indicate acid in food.
What indicator is used to detect vitamin c? Indophenol
What is a good source of vitamin c? Fruit juice
What is the evidence that vitamin c is present? The indicator becomes colorless.
What does the size of the grease spot tell us about the amount of fat in food? The food that produces the largest grease spot has the most fat.
What can we use to determine how much fat was in a particular food? Brown paper bag.
What can we use to test foods and determine how much sugar they have? Yeast can be used to indicate sugar in foods.
What does the amount of gas in the acid test tell us? The amount of gas produced in an acid test is an indicator of the concentration of the acid.
Why do you think cooks put sour milk and baking soda into pancakes and biscuits? To form gas to make the baked goods rise.
What is indophenol used for? It is an indicator of vitamin c in foods.
What does a nutritional lunch consist of? A nutritional lunch has the right amount of calories, proteins, carbohydrates, and fat.
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