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Roman Dining

Words and facts related to dining

Where did the Romans eat dinner? triclinium
what is the table in the middle of the dining room called? mensa
What is the Latin word for "breakfast"? ientaculum
What is the dessert course of the meal called? secunda mensa
Which is not a beverage? lac, aqua, mulsum, liquamen liquamen
What is the Latin word for "dining couch"? lectus
Which of the following did the Romans NOT have? tomatoes, asparagus, venison, lettuce tomatoes
Which of the following DID the Romans have? butter, sugar, peas, potatoes peas
What was olive oil used for? bathing, cooking, perfumes, all of these all of these
What does the Latin phrase, "ab ovo usque ad mala" mean? from the eggs to apples, or beginning to end
T/F Dinner was a big social event due to lack of entertainment T
T/F Parasites were common in foods T
T/F Food poisoning was a major problem T
T/F Romans had the means to preserve food for long periods of time F
T/F Fish was often transported alive long distances to keep it fresh T
T/F The idea to recline while eating came originally from the Egyptians them from the Greeks T
T/F Romans drank wine sweetened with honey T
T/F Romans loved gourmet and exotic foods T
T/F Romans drank coffee with their breakfast F
T/F Wealthy Romans used olive oil lamps to light their homes. T
Created by: klucia