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DMS ASB Geography

A collection of all our geography information so far. Created by Gabby Besse. :)

What are the main bodies of water surrounding Ancient Greece? The Mediterranean Sea, the Ionian Sea, the Aegean Sea, and the Sea of Crete.
What peninsula is Greece an extension of? The Balkan Peninsula.
What land feature made up Greece's terrain, making travel and communication difficult and encouraging water travel? Hills
What are some of the main rivers in Greece? The Alpheus River, the Peneus River, and the Eurotas River.
What were some of the major exports and imports of ancient Greek trade? Exports were fine pottery, olive oil, bronze, silver, gold, and wine. They imported ivory, jade, fine jewelry, and fine vases.
What was the significance of Mt. Olympus to the ancient Greeks? It was believed by the Greeks to be the home of the gods and goddesses.
What was the significance of Mt. Parnassus to the ancient Greeks? It was believed to be the sacred mount of Apollo. It was also said to be home of the muses.
Who ruled in early Greek city-states? Monarchs and tyrants
How did the ancient Greeks carry heavy loads overland? They had donkeys and oxen pull carts full of goods.
How did people and lighter loads travel about Greece? The rode in chariots led by horses.
With whom did the Greeks trade? Neighboring islands, such as the Cyclades, the Aegean, and Crete, as well as colonies around the Persian Empire, Macedonia, and Egypt.
Why did the early Greeks live in villages? They needed a place to stay while they farmed, as well as for protection.
Created by: dmsasb



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