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LO1 Parasitology

Identification of Parasites

Name given to parasites found outside the body Ectoparasites
Name given to parasites found within the body Endoparasites
Which parasite is commonly found in rabbits Cheyletiella
This parasite is a type of mange and has 8 stumpy legs on the upper section of its body Demodex
This mite has an upside down pear shaped body and has combs on its feet Cheyletiella
This parasite has 8 stumpy legs and is round in shape Sarcoptes
Has a head, thorax and abdomen and is laterally flattened Flea
Has a dorsoventrally flattened body Tick
This type of louse moves slowly Sucking
This type of louse moves quickly Biting
Which species are more k=likely to be affected by roundworm Puppies and kittens or pregnant/lactating
Created by: hdou