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Chinese Odyssey L32

Johns Hopkins University Press

火车[火車] huo3che1 : n. train M: ge / liè [个 / 列]
硬[硬] ying4 : • hard • stiff • strong • firm • resolutely • doggedly • good (quality) • able (person)
软[軟] ruan3 : • soft • flexible
售票处[售票處] shou4piao4chu4 : ticket office; booking office (at a railway station); box office (at a theatre
代售[代售] dai4shou4 : v. be commissioned to sell sth.(ex. lottery dealer)
上网[上網] shang4wang3 : ① <computing> get on the internet ② stretch a net (sports)
预订[預訂] yu4ding4 : • to place an order • to book ahead
敲[敲] qiao1 : • to hit • to strike • to tap • to rap • to knock • to rip sb off • to overcharge
放假[放假] fang4jia4 : • to have a holiday or vacation
出去[出去] chu1qu4 : • to go out
一直[一直] yi1zhi2 : • straight (in a straight line); continuously; always • from the beginning of ... up to ... • all along
著名[著名] zhu4ming2 : • famous • noted • well-known • celebrated
既[既] ji4 : • already • since • both... (and...)
变成[變成] bian4cheng2 : • to change into • to turn into • to become
赶快[趕快] gan3kuai4 : • at once • immediately
消息[消息] xiao1xi5 : • news • information M: 条tiao
时刻表[時刻表] shi2ke4biao3 : n. timetable; schedule M: zhāng [张]
墙[牆] qiang2 : wall M:miàn [面]
出发[出發] chu1fa1 : • to start out • to set off
趟[趟] tang4 : • classifier for times
来回票[來回票] lai2hui2piao4 : n. round-trip ticket M: zhāng [张]
卧铺[臥鋪] wo4pu4 : sleeping berth; sleeper
定[定] ding4 : • to set • to fix • to determine • to decide • to order
计划[計劃] ji4hua4 : n. v. plan; project; program
导游[導游] dao3you2 : v.o. conduct a sightseeing tour ◆ n. ① tourist guide ② guidebook
名胜古迹[名勝古跡] ming2sheng4gu3ji4 : • historical sites and scenic spots
风景[風景] feng1jing3 : n. scenery; landscape
羡慕[羨慕] xian4mu4 : • to envy • to admire
指南[指南] zhi3nan2 : • to guide • guidebook
地图[地圖] di4tu2 : n. ① map ② atlas ◆ M: zhāng / fèn [张 / 份]
满足[滿足] man3zu2 : • to satisfy • to meet (the needs of) • satisfied • content
悲观[悲觀] bei1guan1 : • pessimistic
兵马俑[兵馬俑] bing1ma3yong3 : ① wood or clay figures of warriors and horses buried with the dead ② Terracotta Army (historical site near 西安 Xī'ān)
铁路网[鐵路網] tie3lu4wang3 : railway network
交通[交通] jiao1tong1 : • to be connected • traffic • transportation • communications • liaison
车厢[車廂] che1xiang1 : railway carriage; railroad car
火车头[火車頭] huo3che1tou2 : • train engine • locomotive
铁轨[鐵軌] tie3gui3 : • rail • railroad track M: 根gēn [根]
景点[景點] jing3dian3 : n. scenic spots
候车室[候車室] hou4che1shi4 : p.w. waiting room (for buses/trains/etc.) M: ge / jiān / ⁴zuò [个 / 间 /
座]见世面[見世面] jian4 shi4mian4 : v.o. see the world; enrich one's experience
不要紧[不要緊] bu4 yao4jin3 : s.v. ① unimportant ② never mind ③ it may not matter to you
老皇历[老皇曆] lao3huang2li5 : last year's calendar-ancient history; obsolete practice
Created by: Timmy19
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