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Latin 1- Yoona Hwang

pila, pilae f. ball Derivative: pill
iocus iocī m. joke, prank Derivatives: joke, jocular
per iocum as a prank
animus, animī m. mind, spirit, heart Derivatives: magnanimous, animosity
in animō habēre to intend
hospes, hospitis C. guest, host, friend Derivative: hospitable
taedet, taedēre it bores Derivative: tedium
aperiō, aperīre to open Derivative: aperture
Vīsne Do you want?
lūdō, lūdere to play Derivative: delude
pilā lūdere to play ball
excipiō, excipere to welcome, receive, catch Derivative: exception
feriō, ferīre to hit, strike Derivative: interfere
vertō, vertere to turn Derivative: revert
relinquō, relinquere to leave behind Derivative: relic, relinquish
sciō, scīre to know Derivative: science
nōnus, nōna, nōnum ninth Derivative: noon
cārissimus, cārissima, cārissimum dearest Derivative: caress, cherish
mortuus, mortua, mortuum dead Derivative: mortuary
novus, nova, novum new Derivative: novel, renovate
ut as
eam her, it
alter... alterum the one... the other Derivative: alteration
nōbīscum with us Derivative: Pax vobiscum!
apud at the house of Derivative: like chez nous (Fr.)
down from, concerning, about
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