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Ch. 11 Vocab/quest


Creutzfeldt-Jacob disease rare, degenerative brain disease--fatal--type of spongiform encephalopathy--progressive death of brain nerve cells--build up of abnormal prion proteins--microscope--see tiny holes where whole areas of nerve cells have died--brain spongy
Kuru initial discovery of Creutzfeldt-Jacob--by cannibalistic tribes who prepared and ate human brains in New Guinea--developed shaking--those who ate fully cooked brains not affected
Prions smallest replicating agents known--no DNA, RNA, or nucleic acids--term comes from proteinaceous agents
Scrapie when spongiform encephalopathy occurs in sheep--scratch themselves on trees/fences until wear through their hide.
Spongiform encephalopathy brain develops so many holes it looks like a sponge--brain fills up with useless protein untile brain damage is done--tens of years to become apparent--always fatal
Transmissible spongiform encephalopathy mutational changes in the protein gene/spontaneous incorrect folding--spread from animal to animal and to humans
Describe the smallest biological agent that is replicated prion--a protein that causes itself to be replicated by the way it folds
What damage do prions do? abnormally folded prion proteins accumulate in the brain until the brain tissue is destroyed and the host dies
Created by: heatherlvn