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Nurisng Theories

chapter 5

sources of knowledge traditional, authoriative, scientific
traditional knoledge passed down from generation to generation
authoriatative infomation from an expert
scientific information from research
types of knowledge science, philosophy, process, historical influences, societal influences
framework of nursing theory theory and concepts
theory group concepts that describe a apttern of realaity that can be tested and used to guide research
concepts abstract ideas organzed into symbols of realtity
types of reasoning deductive and inductive
deductive reasoning examines general ideas and considers possible specfic considerations
inductive reasoning builds from specific ideas and considers possible considerations for genreal ideas
benefits of nursing helps resolve current nursing issues, directs nurses towards common goal, leads to improve pt care
goal of theorectical frameworks holistice care, individualized care, promotion of health
common concepts in nursing theory (frameworks) person (pt), environment, helath, nursing
most important concept of nurisng theory the person (Patient)
Created by: N119