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Professionof Nursing

Chapter 1

Nursing is an art and a science
animism applying human characteristics to inanimate objects
historical perspective of nursing belief that illness is caused by sin, tmples center of medical care, nurse is slave to carrying out menial tasks
nurse history from 16th century criminals recruited, nurisng considered disreptuable
Historical perspective of nursing 18-19th century hospital schools organized, male dominate health care, nursing becomes respected occupation, modern nurisng education founded
historical perspective of nurisng WW II first time for nurisng specialities, education out of hospital to univerisities
historical perspective of Nursing- 1950'S to present expanded roles, increase males in profession, varried health care settings
contributions of florence nightingale id role of the nurse, established standards of nurisng care, established nursing education and respected occupation for women
contributions of florence nightingale recongized health and illness as components of nursing, began nusring research
American Nurses Association (ANA) Sets standards for nursing profession
aims of nursing promote health, prevent illness, restore health
nurse practice acts define legal scope of practice. Each state has invidual practice acts
State Board of Nursing enforces state nurse practice act.
State Board of Nursing establishes criteria for education and licensure of nurses
the nursing process major guidelines for nursing practice
Trends in nursing evidence-bassed practice, community-based nursing, aging population, independent nursing practice
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