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allison test

what does naturally occuring mean? not made by man, formed by process that occurs in the natural world.
What does inorganic mean? Minerals cannot form from materials that were once part of a living thing.
why is coal not a mineral? crystal struture and organic made from dies animals and plants.
what is a solid? minerals that a thick and a definite volume and shape.
what does crystal structure mean? the particles line up in a pattern that repeats over and over.
what does the pattern that a crystal structure make called? a crystal
what is a mineral? crystal structure, definite chemical compostion, naturally occuring, and soild
what does chemical composition mean? a substance composed of a single kind of atom, 2 or more elements are combined.
how do you identifying mineral? 9 characterstics color, streak, luster, density, hardness, crystal system, cleavage, fracture, and special properties.
what is the softest mineral? talc
what is the hardest mineral? diamond
what is the name of test used to test hardness? mohs hardness scale
what tools do geologist need to test hardness? fingernails, penny, file, nail,and glass
how do geologists classify crystal structure? based on the number and angle of the crystal faces.
How many groups do geologists classify crystal into? 6
what is the crystal system of halite? 6 square faces meet at right angle, forming a perfect cube.
how do you identify cleavage? the way mineral breaks apart can help, and mineral that splits easily along flat surface.
what is fracture? describes how minerals looks when it breaks apart an irregular way.
what are 2 ways minerals form? magma cools inside crust, and lava hardens on surface.
how is geode formed? water containing dissolved minerals seeps into a crack or hollow in a rock.
what is a geode? rounded hollow rock lined with minerals crystals on the inside.
what do minerals form? magma and lava, and solutions
how are minerals formed by hot magma? maga deep under earth crust cools slower over millions of years. so cooling lead to the creation large crystalls. growing atom by atom.
how are minerals formed from cooled magma? with rapid cooling smaller crystals form.
what happens to the cooled liquid? magma close to earth surface cools quicker. lava on earth surface cools even quicker.
what is a solution? mixture in which one substance is dissolved into another.
what are some examples of a solution? ocean, kool-aid
what dissolves in the solutions to form solutions? (2) elements and compounds
Created by: robin44