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IC L2P1 Lesson 8

收入 income
壓力 pressure
受到 to receive
良好 good
教育 education; to educate
to save up
不斷 continuously
掙錢 to earn money; to make money
減輕 to lessen
負擔 burden
適合 to suit
影響 to influence; to have an impact; influence
家庭 family (unit); household
取得 to obtain; to gain; to acquire
零用錢 allowance; spending money
獎學金 scholarship money
政府 government
貸款 loan; to provide a loan
工資 wages; pay
家教 tutor
讀書 to attend school; to study; to read aloud
to borrow; to lend
to dislike; to mind; to complain of
難吃 not tasty
to owe
銀行 bank
事情 thing; matter
(of children)obedient; well-behaved
Created by: applechanglaoshi
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