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What are the three levels of analysis used to explain state behavior? International system, domestic, individual.
Which of the following scholars greatly contributed to the concept of levels of analysis? Kenneth Waltz
Which of the following is NOT one of the characteristics of the international system level of analysis? Interest Groups
What levels of analysis are most emphasized by feminists? Individual and domestic.
Which levels of analysis are most emphasized by constructivists? Individual, domestic, and international system
The billiard ball model assumes that state behavior and foreign policy can be understood without reference to: State internal characteristics.
Which of the following levels of analysis is most emphasized by structural realists? International system
The impact of interest groups and public opinion is one of the domestic factors important in explaining the behavior of states. TRUE
Neo-Marxists tend to emphasize the role of individuals. FALSE
There is a consensus among sholars that the impact of individuals varies with the nature of the situation facing a state. TRUE
Which of the following is not one of the assumptiond of the rational actor model? Compromises are inevitable in the decision-making process.
Which of the following is true about states as unitary actors? They speak in one voice in defense of national interest
Which of the following is not true about decision-making according to the bureaucratic politics model? There is a clear vision of the national interes
What is a problem with groupthink? It abandons critical thinking
What are policy outcomes according to bureaucratic politics model? Compromises and satisficing of interests.
Which paradigm is the most clearly associated with the rational actor model? Realism.
In the view of many practitioners of international relations, the rules of thumb for choosing between the two decision-making models are: Nature of the situation, leader and regime.
For proponents of the bureaucratic politics model, policy-making is a social process. True
The critics of the rational actor model note that a common misperception is that decision makers often perceive other states as more peaceful than they are. FALSE
The bureaucratic politics model states that the internal struggle for power is driven by differences of interest, role, mission, and organizational process. TRUE
How does Mueller in"The Iraq Syndrome" portray the relationship public opinion in the US Iraq? What does he mean by the "Iraq Syndrome" and how does this compare with the Vietnam syndrome? Answer: Muller portrays the relationship public opinion in the US and the war in Iraq by saying "as casualties mount, support decreases" (Muller 74). By the "Iraq Syndrome" he means a strong aversion to take action in these kinds of wars
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