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vocab 3

levity lack of seriousness at the proper time
bewilder to perplex or confuse
ennui boredom
volatile likely to change quickly or suddenly
plausible reasonable, believable
affable being pleasant and at ease in talking with others
belabor to insist repeatedly,to harp on
mendacious dishonest
akimbo having hand on the hip, elbow turned outward
erroneous characterized by mistakes
conspicuous easy to notice; obvious
curmudgeon a cranky person
singular odd, peculiar
parry to ward off; deflect
exemplary serving as an example
venerate to honor or respect
fortnight two weeks (14 days)
fallible capable of making a mistake or being wrong
sloth laziness
impertinent irrelevant
lackadaisical lacking spirit
zeal great enthusiasm
expedite to speed up the process
decry to openly condemn
egress exit
mottle to mark with spots
Created by: colleen_anderson