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bible 2-21-13

use my joshua and deborah and gideon other ones for the others on quiz
who used people to get ahead abimelech
he destroys people who get in his way he slandered who gideons sons
he hired hit men to slaughter his 70 ___________ brothers
who did abimelech not kill jotham
define retribution a punishment given in return for something wrong commited
the 2 towers that abimelech tried to take over tabeez and schecham
how did abielech die a woman threw a rock at his head and his arm barrier finished him off
he was the son of a harlet jephthah
what was a training ground that god used to mold jephthahs military ability tob
where did jephthah live gilead
why was he disinherited by his family because his mom was a harlet
what was jephtahas gift excellent milatary leader
name the enemy jephthah was called to lead the israelites against amonites
what was jephthahs vow sacrifice the first thing that comes out of his tent
did he fulfill his vow and how yes and his daughter came out then he had to sacrifice her
and make sure you can write a paragraph on what you can learn from one of these characters except jephthah GOOD LUCK :)