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NHCTC Phleb Tubes

NHCTC Phlebotomy Tubes, Top Colors, & Tests

What is the Order of Draw? Lg Blue, Red, Gold, Green, Lavendar, & Pink
What is the first tube color and what tests? First Tube Drawn is Light Blue, and Used for PT & PTT
Additive for Lt. Blue ? Na+ Citrate Anticoaguant (for Plasma)
Additive for Red ? Plain Clot Activator (for Serum)
Additive for Gold (Yellow) ? Clot Activator (for Serum)
Additive(s) for Green(s) ? 1.) Lithium Heprin 2.) Na+ Heprin (for Plasma or Whole Blood)
Additive(s) for Lavendar and Pink? Lavendar & Pink Additives are EDTA (for Plasma or Whole Blood)
What is Red Tube Used for? Red: General Chem. Drug Tests (Digoxin, Theophylline, Lithium, Valproic Acid, Salicylate (ASA), Acetaminophen (APAP))
What is Gold Tube Used for? Gold: General Chemistries (Lytes, BUN, Gluc, TSH, PSA, Ca, Mg, CK, AST, ALT, LD, Lipids, T3, T4, Creatinine)
What is/are Green Tubs Used for? Green: CK/CK MB, Troponin, Myoglobin, Veinous Blood Gases
What is Lavendar (Purple) Used for? Purple (Lavendar): ESR, CBCs, HA1C, Malaria
What is Pink Used for? Pink: "Blood Bank" Type or Cross-Matching
What is in a Lipid Panel? Lipid Panel: Cholesterol, Triglyceride, HDL, LDL
What Color is Used for PT or PTT tests ? Lt. Blue is PT/PTT: Lt. Blue Tube (1st Drawn, * 9:1 Fill, Plasma Yeilded b/c Na+ Citrate)
Tube Used for Drug tests? Red is Drug Test Chem's: Red Tube (2nd Drawn, Serum Yeilded b/c Plain Clot Activator)
Tube Used for Blood General Chemistries (BUN, Gluc, TSH, PSA, Lytes, T3/4, ALT, LD, Lipids)? Gold is Gen. Chem's: Gold Tube(3rd Drawn, Clot Activator Yeilds Serum)
Tube Used for Heart (MI) Tests ? Green(s) are MI Tests: Green(s) Tube(s) Used *(Lithium or Na+ Heprin Yeild Plasma for CK, CK-MB, Troponin, Myoglobin)
Tube Used for Blood ESR, CBCs, HA1Cs, Malaria? Lavendar is for CBCs, HA1Cs, ESRs, Malaria: Lavendar/Purple Tube *(EDTA Yeilds Plasma/Whole Blood)
Tube Used for Blood Typing by Blood Bank? Pink is for Blood Typing: Pink Tube *(Blood Bank Exclusively, EDTA yeilds Plasma/Whole Blood)
Created by: NHCTC