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Dino Extinction

How do we know that different kinds of plants and animals lived in Utah a long time ago? We found fossils of them.
Which of the following animals used to live in Utah but does not now? Mammoth
What is a common cause of plant and animal extinction? The climate changes
What do dinosaur tracts in coal bead tell us about biomes in Utah's past? Utah once had large swamps
What evidence shows that parts of Utah were once the seafloor of an ancient ocean? Trilobites found in limestone in Millard County
What have scientists learned about oceans from fossils? Oceans have changed in size and location
What might a scientist tell from seashell fossils found on top of a mountain? The mountain was once part of the ocean bottom
Why is a fossil dinosaur bone much heavier than the original bone, it was made from? It is now made of minerals
How does the fossilized skeleton of a dinosaur similar to the modern skeleton of a lizard? They have back bones and tails
Which rock type would be best for finding fossils? sedimentary
Why are the soft parts of a sharks body not preserved as a fossil? They rotted before fossiliztion could occur
Which would be an example of a fossil? Dinosaur footprint
Where are prehistoric animals preserved as whole animals? In amber
Erin brought a piece of a sandstone to school that had some ripples in it. What might it be it a fossil of? Wave marks on a beach
Created by: DanceLots