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MrsC Med Term Muscul

MrsC Med Term 15 Musculoskeletal

Anti- against
-emia blood condition
Eu- good
Instrument to cut tome
Instrument to record graph
-lysis breakdown; separation; destruction; loosening
Many poly; multi
-penia deficiency
Process of recording graphy
Rrhexis rupture
Surgical puncture -centesis
ROM range of motion
ORIF open reduction internal fixation
Ortho- orthopedic
IM intramuscular
Acetabulum hip socket
Arthrocentesis surgical puncture to remove fluid from the joint space
Atrophy lack of formation or decrease in size
Cartilage flexible; rubbery connective tissue on joint surfaces
Chondrocostal pertaining to the cartilage and the ribs
Ewing sarcoma rare malignant tumor arising in the bone; most often in children
Osteodystrophy a disease of the bones and joints
Osteomyelitis infection in the bone
Osteoporosis decrease in bone density; thinning and weakening of bone
Scoliosis spine has side ways curvature
Arthroplasty surgical replacement of the knee
calcaneodynia pain in the heel
cephalometer tool to measure the head
clavicular pertaining to the collar bone
Hemiplegia paralysis of one side
humeral pertaining to humerus
Hypercalcemia excessive calcium in the blood
Intervertebral pertaining to between the vertebrae
kyphosis hump in the back
lordosis inward curvature in the lumbar spine
lumbar pertaining to the lower vertebrae 1-5
metacarpectomy surgical opening of the metacarpals
myorrhaphy suturing of the muscle
Myorrhexis rupture of the muscle
Osteoarthropathy disease of the bones and joints
osteocytes bone cells
osteogenesis formation of bone
osteomalacia abnormal softening of the bone
Paraplegia paralysis of the lower extremities
patellopexy surgical fixation of the knee cap
Pelvimetry process of measuring the pelvis
phalangitis inflammation of the fingers and toes
Quadriplegia paralysis of all four extremities
Sacrospinal pertaining to the sacrum and the spine
Spondylitis inflammation and stiffing of the spine
Sternocostal pertaining to the sternum and ribs
Tendinolysis separation of the tendon from the bone
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