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Catcher Ch 1-17

Catcher in the Rye Ch 1-17 Review

Holden is obsessed with what happens to Ducks in Central Park
Holden tells this story from Mental institution in California
The setting for Holden's story is Winter, near Christmas
Why was the fencing meet cancelled Holden left the equipment on the subway
As Holden leaves Pencey he shouts You're all a bunch of Morons
The sport that Holden plays at Pencey Fencing
The favor Stradlater asked of Holden Write a descriptive essay
Ernie is Headmaster at Pencey
Allie wrote poems on a baseball glove
Holden thinks back to play this with Jane checkers
Maurice and Sunny return to Holden's hotel room to Collect $5
One of Holden's favorite descriptive words is Goddamn
Who does Holden have a conversation with in the train's coffee shop? two nuns
Holden tells the prostitute he can't participate because He had an operation on his clavichord
Holden took her to the show featuring the Lunts Sally
Holden buys Phoebe a record
Holden liked the Museum of Natural History because things always stayed the same
Holden tells the prostitute his name is Jim Steele
After Holden is punched by the pimp he pretends he is a movie character that has been shot
Holden believe phonies often use the word grand
Holden believes actors are often phonies
Holden doesn't jump from the window to commit suicide because he doesn't want people to look at him on the sidewalk
Holden and Stradlater get into a fight because Holden is jealous of Stradlater with his moves on Jane
Holden respects women
When it comes to religion, Holden claims to be an atheist
What Pencey serve for dinner every Saturday night steak
In the bible, Holden dislikes the disciples
In the bible, Holden likes Jesus
The jitterbug is a dance
Holden tells Mrs. Morrow that her son is a _____ guy good
The favorite part of Holden's red hat ear flaps
Created by: tobiashersey