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vocab 3

abhorrent offensive, hateful
adaptive to adjust to change or the enviroment
anthropologist studies human culture
baffled confused, puzzle
chronic ongoing, continous
clique small exclusive group
conform to act similiar to others
consensus agreement
crucial very important, essential
depraved morally corrupt
derive to come from a source, originate
eroding wear away slowly
folkways the oridinary rules of everyday life
gait how you walk
heterogeneous made of many different things
inferred to draw a conclusion from evidence
insistent persistertly question/ demand
instantaneous instantly, right now
legacy s.t. handed down from generation to generation
loathsome abhorrent, hateful
mores much more powerfulnorms,are treated more seriously
norms the rules that guide behavior in everyday situation
pitfall a hidden danger
poignant moving, emotionally affecting away
post-partum after birth
run counter to to go agaisnt
sanctions punishment(mild or severe)
smirk self-salisfied, or offensive smile
socialization education of the individual into a societys norm & values
taboo powerful prohibition agaisnt act that societys norms 7values
universal everywhere, all around
values socially shared ideas about what is good,right, and desirable
wean slowly stop
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